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Niigata Office
Niigata Office

Silicon Valley Dept.
Silicon Valley Office

Picnic Plan Publishing Inc.
Founded: 25th Apr. 1988
CEO : Toru Tsutsumi
Businesses: Publishing books, Editing books, Web Publishing, e.t.c..
Capitalized at 50,000 dollars ; business year: from 1st of Dec. to 30th of Nov.
*ISBN code: 938659
*Book Distributing Agent Code: 7242

5-1-4 Terao Kami Nishi-ku, Niigata City, Japan 950-2055
Ph. 81-25-260-1699
FAX 81-25-260-1827

P.O.B. #10 Niigata-Nishi Post Office 950-2099, Japan

What We Published

Mental Health with Smiles and Tears

Cyber Dictionary "Words about Personal Computer" (Mar.1990)
Beginning VzEditor (Aug.1990)
Beginning Hard Disk (Oct.1990)
Understanding Strategy of MS-DOS (Dec.1990)
Beginning database "The Card3+"
Japanese kana-kanji system "MATSUTAKE" Handbook (Oct.1991)
Name of Cities and Pref. of Japan (Nov. 1992)
Intelligence of Japan(Dec. 1992)
Using KIRI database (Apr. 1993)
KIRI database Power up KIT(1993)
ATOK7 Power up KIT(1993)
ATOK8 Power up KIT(1993)
ATOK8 International KIT(1993)
VJE Power up KIT(1993)
MATSUTAKE Power up KIT(1993年)
KIRI Information MAP of Japan(1993年)
The soul of a Illustrator(Jan.1994)
MS-Access Handbook(Jul. 1994)
Japanese FEPS Power up KIT(Oct. 1994)
The Love Letter from the God of the Earth(Jul. 2003)
Mental Health with Smiles and Tears(Sep. 2003)
eBay term Dictionary(May 2004)
eBay Guide(Jun. 2004)
Color chart for HTML(Jul. 2004)
Guide Book for Email with EdMax(Jul. 2004)
PayPal Guide V5.5(Apr. 2006)
English Email examples for shopping and auctions V6.0(Nov. 2006)
Google Guide for translators(Mar. 2007)
World Briars and Meerschaum pipe picture book CD-ROM Version.(Mar. 2007)
"Reef and Shore Fishes of the South Seas" by Satomi Onishi (Apr. 2009)

Business Partners
Tohan, Nippan, Osakaya, Kurita Shuppan Hanbai, Chuosha,
Ascii, Diamondsha, GijutsuHyouronsha, Kobunsha, Locus, Nihonbungeisha, Shinkigensha, Shoeisha, Shogakukan, SOFT BANK Publishing, Dainihon Printing Company, Daiichi Insatsu Printing(DIP)

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